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The Speedy PC Download is a revolutionary technology that will optimize the speed and performance of your PC. It sets new standards for speed by performing necessary system maintentance, removing errors, cleaning your computer registry and fixing problematic files.

There is a 94% chance that errors on your PC are slowing down your PC speed and performance. Speedy PC will perform essential maintanence on your computer to boost speed and restore optimal performance.

Plus  Fixes Errors Plus  Boosts Performance
Plus  Improves PC Speed Plus  Cleans The Registry
Plus  Easy To Use Plus  Manages Startup Items
  Free Speedy PC Download

New Features of Speedy PC Pro

Over time, every day use of computers results in performance loss due to computer errors, Windows registry problems and invalid software entries. These problems lead to further errors, slow performance and computer crashes. The latest version of Speedy PC ensures that improving the speed of your computer is safe, simple and easy to do.

Best Computer Optimization
Best Computer Optimization
The software utilizes cutting-edge computer performance, registry repair and optimization software to quickly optimize your computer.
Fast Computer Scanning
Fast Computer Scanning
The software utilizes award-winning Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista computer scanning technology to find PC problems and repair system performance.
Safely Speed Up Computer
Safely Speed Up Computer
It's the safest way to speed up your computer. Automatic backup and restore points ensure that only the changes you want are made to your computers setup.
Easy To Use
Easy To Use
The software is easy to use for both beginners and advanced users alike. Just install Speedy PC and let it do the work for you.
Free Product Support
Free Product Support
Contact Speedy PC support 24/7 for personalized support, expert advice and answers to any questions you may have about optimizing your computer performance.
Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
The Speedy PC software comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can try it risk free, for complete peace of mind.

Free Software Updates
Free Software Updates
The software includes free updates and product upgrades to ensure that you always have the latest PC tools for optimizing your computer.
Top Rated Software
Top Rated Software
The Speedy PC software continues to be awarded top reviews and the highest ratings by independent review sites and technology experts.

How Do I Speed Up My Computer?

The easiest way to automatically speed up your computer and optimize performance is with the Speedy PC Download. The software will search your computer for common errors that can lead to slow performance, freezing and crashing. It will then correct these problems to restore the performance and speed of your PC.

Independent reviewers have compared the performance of Speedy PC against a number of other applications claiming to provide the same results. In all test conditions, Speedy PC corrected more problems and delivered greater performance improvements. Read the full Speedy PC Review and find out why it is the best way to speed up computer performance.

How To Speed Up Computer Performance:

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1. Download Speedy PC

Download and install the software on your PC. The software features an easy, streamlined user interface. One look and you’ll see how easy improving the speed of your PC can be.
Download Speedy PC

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2. Free Computer Scan

The software scans your PC to find outdated, problematic and corrupt files. It then provides you with a real-time report on the registry components that need to be fixed.
Speedy PC Scan
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3. Boost Speed and Performance

Speedy PC automatically repairs problem registry files, DLL files, broken drivers, incomplete command signals, and much more. As a result, your system will be more stable, crash less and perform at its best.
Speedy PC Speed
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Award-Winning Speedy PC Download

The Speedy PC Download is a recognized global leader in PC optimization software. The software safely cleans, repairs, and optimizes your computer to improve speed and performance. No matter what your level of expertise is, you'll find the Speedy PC Download extremely easy to use and the best solution for optimizing the performance of your PC.

  • Easy to use - The Speedy PC software is the most user friendly performance optimizer available.

  • Fixes computer errors - The software will scan for computer for errors, repair problems automatically, and prevent future problems from arising.

  • Prevents crashes - Maintaining your computer is necessary to fix corrupt files, improve speed and prevent crashes.

  • Optimizes PC speed - Updating your PC to free up resources allows applications to run faster and more efficiently.
Speedy PC Download


Free Speedy PC Download - The best computer speed optimizer!

Free Speedy PC Download

  "My computer is as fast as the day I bought it."
  Damien Pachter
South Carolina, USA 
  "It's so easy to use. I recommend it to my friends, they use it too now."
  Sophie Kesselaar
New York, USA 
  "I love the PC tune up feature that allows me to keep my computer running as fast as possible."
  Andrew Gough
Chicago, USA 
  Speedy PC comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It is the only performance software that is guaranteed to fix computer errors, boost PC speed and performance.
  Free Registry Scan
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